Charlotte Clayton.

Blogger, Writer, 

Feminist, UK Blog Award Winner 2019 - World View.

I am 22 years old and graduated in 2019 with a BA (hons) in Media and Communication from the University of Leeds.


Horrendously Feminist is my passion project. The goal of my blog is to create an online hub, where all woman (regardless of age, race, sexual orientation or identity) can explore and find opinions, experiences and points of view they can relate to. The best form of personal

empowerment, is to empower others to do and be the best version of themselves... and that's what Horrendously Feminist is all about.

I am continually asked about why my blog is called 'Horrendously Feminist' and each time I have the same answer...

I am reclaiming the negative. For so long (I mean, too long), this title has been a bad one. But not anymore. I am taking back the phrase and showing the world just how positive it really is to be Horrendously Feminist.

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I am always interested in working with other brands with a shared feminist value. Whether that's through pre-written articles, writing a piece in conjunction or simply advertising the work of a feminist creator, get in touch via email with any PR requests and I will always do my best to find a corner of Horrendously Feminist to share with you! After all, what's the point of creating a platform if you can't share its success with other female-led projects!

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