Celebrating 2018 for all it's feminist glory!

January is a time for reflection. A time to think about the year that’s passed – all that has happened, all you have achieved (or haven’t quite yet) – and feel all the emotions the past year has thrust upon you, but this time all at once. Perhaps this is why people tend to hate January? Perhaps this is why it’s known as the Monday of months? Because upon reflection, you’re revisiting all the events, all the ups, all the downs and completely reliving them. It’s emotional labour like no other because if you’re like me, you tend to dwell on all the negatives. All the things you didn’t do and all the things you could have done that little bit better. Imagine how transformative January could be if we actually did the reverse of this… celebrated our victories of the last year, big and small, thought about our happiest days enjoyed with our favourite people, and rather than dwelling on our downfalls past, instead, fully immersing ourselves and our mindsets in the hope of a brand-new year. So, next time you look back focus on one word – GRATITUDE. Think about every time you felt grateful and thankful and lucky in the last year. And next time you look forward, actually visualise yourself achieving your goals. Think about working hard and reaping the benefits. Maybe if we all treat this January as a month of gratitude and hope, future months of Mondays will feel a little bit more like months of Sundays.

When I initially looked back at 2018, my first thought was that it was boring. Nothing really happened. HA! NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED? I quickly realised that I was in fact wrong.

2018 was not only a huge year for feminism, but a huge year for me personally. It was a year of REAL change (not fake-change like the many, many years previous). It was progressive, enlightening and truly remarkable. The voice of change grew louder as more and more women, and men, stood together to call out global injustice. People didn’t just talk, they DID. They walked, they marched, they shouted louder, and they demanded change. Although lawful alterations and changes in legislature still leave a lot to be desired, 2018 made real changes to attitudes, to representation and to conversations. And I am certain that with the continuation of these changes, we will continue to make steps towards building the inclusive and respectful world so many of us are fighting for. With the concept of gratitude in mind, I am going to let you all in on my feminist highlights of 2018…

JANUARY – The Golden Globes 2018 saw female stars and celebrities showing solidarity and unity with the #metoo movement by draining the colour from the awards and wearing all black. While some people argued at the time that it was a shame that nobody started listening to the tales of sexual assault and corruption in the workplace until the richest, most high-profile women in the world aligned this with their experiences – it still offered a poignant moment where these women illustrated the fact that their platforms would be used to try and help alter the experience of all women, globally. By them drawing such attention to the epidemic, women all over the world had and still have the courage to also speak up. This, however, isn’t actually my highlight…

Of course, Oprah’s speech was most definitely the pinnacle moment of the night and her words speak for themselves entirely. Anyone who can watch her speech and not cry is definitely made of stone!

FEBRUARY – I am going to indulge in my own success here because February 2018 saw the birth of Horrendously Feminist and it truly has grown into something I did not foresee. It will always be a project I started fuelled by my passion for both writing and feminism and I am eternally grateful for the fact this blog helped me realise the I genuinely can create something great, completely off my own back, when I put my mind to it. The future of Horrendously Feminist is so bright if I continue to work and focus harder than ever before. My readers are what have helped to establish my blog because regardless of the quality of content, without people supporting me daily as many do, it would not have achieved anywhere near to what it has. For that I thank you all!

MARCH – Every March 8th, brings with it International Women’s Day and in the spirit of the theme #PressForProgress in 2018, Horrendously Feminist collaborated with 20 different women discussing their workplace experiences in their 20’s… we discovered the bleak reality that is the belittling, intimidation, harassment, undermining, and disrespect that young women are facing and are forced to tolerate in the working world. We uncovered the harsh truth that it’s not only high-profile industries where power-play thrives but ones a lot closer to home also. Each