How to make lemonade...

Shit happens.

And at the moment, a lot of shit is happening.

To me. To you. (I will forgive you if your mind went immediately to the Chuckle Brothers). To those who lead similar lives and follow similar paths, and even to those who appear a million worlds away from us. Everyone is dealing with some shit and trying their best to trudge their way through what feels like an endless barrage of bad karma that none of us know what we did to deserve.

One phrase in particular, that an incredibly wise person once told me, has not stopped running through my mind since shit hit the fan…

“Saying that someone can’t be sad because someone else might have it worse, is like saying that someone can’t be happy because someone else might have it better”.

Life is scary right now. And I’m here to remind you that you don’t owe anyone justification for feeling the way you do. If there was ever a time to embrace all of your confusing emotions in one breath and let them all out on a friendly shoulder in the next, it’s now. In a similar vein, it’s also time to listen. Listen with empathy to those who are in the midst of struggle, listen in solidarity to the Government advice aiming to keep the vulnerable safe and listen especially to those who remain silent – it’s time to reach out because no one should be facing the unknown on their own.

Two weeks ago, I lost my job because of Coronavirus. (I’ve just sat for 15 minutes trying to decide how to write that… matter of fact often reads best). Its gut-wrenchingly tough to go from feeling as though you’re at the top of your game one week – secure and stable and happy – to suddenly being the epitome of helpless the next, as you watch, what feels like your entire world, come crumbling down around you. I haven’t cried to my parents like I have over the last month, in years and it must have been unbelievably hard for them to watch my usually positive and upbeat spirit, being diminished.

I count my blessings every day that I have such an uplifting support network around me, so that set-backs like this aren’t dwelled upon and I’m back up on my feet within days, ready to dust myself off and be proactive in finding my next challenge. Don’t get me wrong, the emotional lows have been real and the anxiety has been all-consuming at times. I’ve spent hours contemplating how something I put my heart and soul into for the last year, can come to such an abrupt end. I don’t think I’ll ever find the answer.

BUT... luckily, the optimist in me overpowers the pessimist ten-fold, and she reminds me through every ounce of self-doubt, that everything happens for a reason. That every loss is also a lesson and that I’m being pushed onto a new, far more suitable path where I’ll be appreciated for my work ethic, my passion and my ability to even in the toughest of times, look on the bright-side.

It is in crazy times like those which we find ourselves in now, that reveal the true priorities, driving forces and motivations of both individuals and businesses alike. People will remember how they were treated and made to feel for years to come and like many of the lessons we are all learning during this period of isolation, it will stay with us as we move forwards with our lives post-pandemic. Take my advice, it should be compassion towards others at the top of everyone’s list…

Whilst I’m unsure of what the next few weeks look like for me, I will leave you with the best reminder EVER that my amazing sister gave to me…

Lisa Kudrow lost her first job and went on to be Phoebe in ‘Friends’

Now, I may be no Lisa Kudrow, but I am resilient, and I am positive and with each passing day, I’m gaining the confidence to seize any opportunity that arises. The tide will turn for me and I’ll be able to hold my head high in the knowledge that I stayed the course and all the shit finally passed.

Life has given me lemons, and I will turn them into sweet, sweet lemonade…

…then maybe I’ll add some vodka, cause why the hell not!

P.S. if you want to feel less alone right now, listen to my sister's stunning song 'Lonely' below...

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